The “Regional Centre on Information Communication Technology - CeRICT scrl” is a company that acts in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) domain, with particular focus on the applied research projects.

CeRICT headquarter is placed in Benevento, town located in the middle of the Campania Region.

The Centre’s mission answers the regional and national productive network’s demand for medium and long term advanced research in the ICT sector. Its work is geared towards the technological transfer of results attained and the creation of new productive entities through spin-offs or the establishment of specific businesses.

CeRICT is an organization for accessing competencies and relationship within ICT national and international system. It derives from CRdC ICT project, which was set up at the end of the year 2002 as an initiative of the Campania Region. CRdC ICT project aim was to build a Competence Network in Information and Communication Technologies.

CeRICT was created by ten Partner, in particular by Universities and Public Research Centres of Campania Region, in order to increase their economical and social value by means of the application of their specific competencies. The aim of the CeRICT is to meet the medium and long-term research needs by the interaction of ICT firms, ICT big enterprises, small software houses, authority and public administrations. The mission of the CeRICT is to guide the results of the fundamental research (developed within the academic environment) towards applicative projects realized together with companies, in order to respond to ITC sector’s needs. The technological transfer of the results and the creation of new industrial companies (via spin-offs or specific company build-up) complete the background where the organization carries out its mission.

CeRICT is non profit and Cerict distribuites no profit its members in any way.

More than 200 Professors/Researchers/Technicians, from the Partners, are the “virtual” staff of the CeRICT. Structure of virtual connection that combines intellectual, scientific and entrepreneurial resources characterizing which node of the coordination of the activities of the Regional Program of Search. Each Partner works as an "access portal" to the whole set of competencies available in the region, for each specific area. The direction and management (planning and responsibility) is distributed in the whole region.


Main CeRICT purposes are to:

Technological transfer of scientific research outcomes and creation of new productive realities by academics spin-offs processes or particular emergences of start-ups represent the core performances of CeRICT activities. Collaboration between CeRICT and industrial sector follows a structured routine based on four phases:

Discover - its aim is selecting and formulating potential proposal of projects; the result allows the CeRICT Management to evaluate the proposal and, eventually, submit it to the define phase;

Define - its aim is specifying and developing the content of project to be presented to customers or public Institutions;

Confirm - its aims is to support all the activities leading to the agreement signature;

Deliver - its aim is to realize the project and to manage all the activities until project close down (i.g. storyboard, benchmarks, close down).